About Our Herbs

All herbs used are organic, sometimes wild harvested and sometimes bio-dynamically grown. All have the soil association stamp of approval.  This is so important as pesticide residue acts as an endocrine disrupter. The endocrine system produces our hormones, so to re-establish and maintain a healthy balance the herbs must be chemical free.

Our suppliers as well as holding a fair-trade certificate also adhere to the requirements set out by the modern slavery act. All herbs are purchased directly from source ensuring both a quality product and that no forced labour has occurred.

In 1995, I received my diploma from the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy where I learned a blend of scientific and holistic, Eastern and Western therapeutic approaches.

 In selecting the herbs for my Yoni Steam treatments, I draw on my knowledge of oriental medicine, herb lore and western science.


Cool in nature, soothing to the nerves, anti-microbial, anti-fungal Benefits those suffering from candida, eases period pains 


A beautifully feminine plant also cooling, moisturising, its astringent properties support the toning and tightening of the vagina, balances hormones and creates overall wellbeing. 


The energy of yarrow is harmonising it’s both warming and cooling. Known as adaptogenic the herb works to normalise and regain balance, it will stop heavy bleeding and is useful in the treatment of UTIs and fibroids. 

 Calendula flowers

Also, cool and soothing hence the use it is most commonly known for, healing irritated and broken skin. So a great herb to use postpartum. It can help with delayed menstruation, cramps and is known as a normaliser for the menstrual process. 

Shitavari Root

Is Ayurveda’s go to herb for balancing women’s hormones. It is soothing nourishing and rejuvenating. And a powerful reproductive tonic, supporting fertility and easing the transition through menopause.  


Soothing, cooling, calming. Lavenders antispasmodic and analgesic properties ease menstrual pain. It is also antiseptic and anti-bacterial, for those who can suffer from vaginosis a Yoni Steam containing this herb will leave you fresh and fragrant.

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