Bartholin Cyst Swelling

I used the moving herbs blend when I felt my bartholin cyst swelling. Usually nothing stops it once it’s blocked but I steamed three days in a row and on the third day, the cyst had gone without a trace. I cannot recommend steaming enough, especially as usually this situation results in a hospital visit for a drainage.’

So Far I’ve Seen A Huge Improvement

Hi Tuesday! 

Ok so – today I come on my period, the first time since my yoni steam!

I knew it was coming but for once it wasn’t because of pain! I’m usually crippled with pain and clawing at my bed, unable to get up, but today I was fine!  Just a tiny ache! 

Usually I also won’t eat during my period but today, not only have I been able to get up and go about my day, but I’ve also cooked & eaten 3 (hot!) meals. I’m less snappy than usual and the flow is much lighter and brighter! 

So far I’ve seen a huge improvement and I’m super happy to of met you. I’ve recommenced you to lots of my friends and I’ll continue to do so.

Thank you so much!!! Xxx

I Had The Steam And It Works Wonders

I had the steam and it works wonders. As I’m on the implant, my menstrual cycles were not regular but now they are and the colour of my menstrual blood is as it should be. The steam is relaxing I didn’t want to come off the stool. Tuesday is caring calm person who goes step by step. Explaining how to get the most from your steam. Like br eathing the proper way for the steam. 100 % recommend. Great service

I Had A Wonderful Treatment

I had a wonderful treatment, Tuesday has a kind, calm and very professional attitude.  I felt safe and at ease. It was a really relaxing treatment. I had the clay and castor oil pack and the abdominal massage, as well as the herbal yoni steam. I was very interested to know the many benefits of vaginal steaming.