Wombon the Studio

Services. Treatments.

Remedial Massage             30 Mins/£30     60 Mins/£60   90 Mins/£90
To make you more comfortable in your own skin. Whether that’s pure relaxation, or alleviation of aches and pains.

Aromatherapy                   60mins/£65 (allow an extra 30 mins for first appointment)
Oils chosen for energy balancing according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage          50mins/£68
Let the warmth of the basalt rocks. Hand selected from Polynesian beaches, melt away muscle tension and warm you to the bones.

Yoni Steam           Basic 40mins/£40   full treatment including abdominal massage and clay  wrap up to 2hrs £90
This ancient feminine practice is nurturing and healing on all levels.

Hopi ear candling             30 mins/£35
Listen to the soothing sounds as the candles release and clear blockages and pressure in the sinuses and reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Also Available

  • Shamanic healing,
  • Shamanic drum journeys and Star-maiden ceremonies     
  • Reiki
  • Spiritual healing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Ayurveda
  • One on One  Yoga
  • Meditation

Prices and information by request 


Tel: 07813889991. 


9 Briston,
Road Melton Constable.