All treatments start with a consultation, then you will be given a long gown to change into whilst your herbs are selected and blended. All our herbs are organic or wild harvested. With a full treatment you will receive an abdominal massage focusing mainly on your womb and ovaries. Abdominal massage begins the detox process also improves digestion, stimulates internal organs and alleviates anxiety.

After the massage you will receive a warm abdominal caster oil and bentonite clay wrap. Hot stones are used over the wrap to encourage the detoxing and moving medicine of these ingredients. You will be wonderfully relaxed by the time you are invited to sit on the steam stool. A guided meditation can be included or you may prefer just to sit quietly until the end of your treatment.

Your modesty is always preserved


Abdominal massage: £25
Clay wrap: £35
Yoni Steam: £40

Full Treatment: £90

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