Yoni steaming is a time honoured form of healing and rejuvenation for women’s reproductive health. For centuries this method has proved beneficial for conditions from painful periods to menopause.

From the ancient Mayan tradition the midwives and healers of central America perform “Bajos”. In Korea there are spas especially for “Chai-Yok” One of my fellow students of yoni steam was from Ghana, where a yoni steam is part of a pre wedding ceremony. In Surinam women grow their own herbs for their “Uma Washi”. Aruvedic medicine, more than 5000 years old, uses yoni steaming for certain reproductive challenges. It is an ancient wisdom for womens healing.

About Yoni Steam

A yoni steam works by sitting over a pot of hot herbal tea. The gentle heat and vapour carry the medicinal plant oils to the vulva, increasing circulation to the area.
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About Our Herbs

All herbs used are organic, sometimes wild harvested and sometimes bio-dynamically grown. All have the soil association stamp of approval. This is so important as pesticide residue acts as an endocrine disrupter.
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About Tuesday

Tuesday has been involved in both bodywork and energy work for almost 30 years. She has recently been shown that now is the time to give people the tools to heal themselves. She works with the intention of showing people how to reclaim their power.
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