Holistic Treatments in Norfolk

I provide holistic massage and therapeutic treatments in a safe and secure space in my studio in North Norfolk. The holistic therapies help to improve various conditions, foster recovery and revitalisation for both body and mind. I utilise all organic herbs, teas and oils guaranteeing optimal benefits for my valued clients.

Wombon Holistic Treatments


With much experience and several trainings to draw on, each massage with me is as unique as you are at that moment in time.

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Over the years my hands have become attuned to listen to your body and its needs.


  • Lowers stress and encourages relaxation
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Eases pain in muscles
  • Frees joints
  • Helps eliminate toxins and improves immune function
  • Relieves headaches
  • Supports relief of menopausal symptoms

30 min focused treatment – £30
60 min full body treatment – £60
90 min luxury  treatment – £90


How does massage lower stress?

By increasing feel good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin.

How can massage help with immunity?

By increasing the production of white blood cells, lowers the production of cytokines which contribute to inflammation and reduces cortisol.

How can massage help with menopause?

By allowing you to feel well rested, alleviating anxiety, depression and overwhelm. Lowers blood pressure and calms the body.

Latest Reviews

Tuesday is a fantastic masseuse! She is very experienced and knowledgeable with a reassuringly holistic approach to body work. I would highly recommend going to her calm, clean and warm haven for working on any aches or pains. She checks in with you just the right amount to ensure that the pressure is right for you and that you remain comfortable. I always leave a massage with Tuesday feeling deeply relaxed.

– Joshua D

Tuesdays massages are brilliant, I suffer from MS and go to see her quite often to relieve pain and stiffness. I always feel great after a session which is undertaken in a very friendly and professional manner.
– Carole​ B

Amnanda Treatment

Amnanda Process

Amnanda is an ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy, which translates to path to joy. This is a journey of transformation and revitalisation, that unfolds over twelve treatments.

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Using the healing medicine of touch, biodynamic herbal oils and mantra. Patterns and memories that are held within our cells. Causing restriction and premature ageing are released. Each consecutive treatment working at a deeper level.

This ayurvedic treatment is for you if…..

  • You feel blocked in your happiness, by your past experiences.
  • You have suffered emotional or physical trauma or long term stress.
  • You want to find greater clarity in your goals for life.
  • Your quality of life is affected by past injuries and you would like to boost your self healing capability.
  • You want to enjoy good health and slow down the ageing process
  • You are at a crossroads in your life.
  • You want to invite equanimity and joy into your life.


Treatments are £70 each


Are all the treatments the same?

Yes and no, the form is the same but the oils are different.

Can you have one treatment a week?

The space between treatments must be no sooner than 2 weeks and no longer than 8. Ideally between 4 and 6

Where does Amnanda come from?

Tibet, it can be traced back 2000 years to Jivaka who was physician to Buddha.

How will I feel?

After each treatment you will have a sense of deep peace, at the end of the 12 month process you will have clarity, a lightness and a feeling of purpose.

Lastest Review

I am coming to the end of my Amnanda treatment with the wonderful and extremely knowledgeable Tuesday . I have two sessions left. Over the past ten months I have gone from having a tight knot in my stomach, feeling anxious and stressed to calm, relaxed and energised. I almost float out of the Studio. Tuesday is an incredible healer, I always feel totally safe in her capable hands. I have found Amnanda to be a truly transformative experience.
I am sad my treatment is nearly complete but am loving the incredible change in how I feel.
Thank you Tuesday​.
Facial cupping in Norfolk

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping is a non-invasive ancient chinese method that incorporates the use of small silicone cups to rejuvenate the skin and encourage lymph movement. Resulting in a more radiant, sculpted and contoured appearance.

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Beauty benefits

  • Reduces wrinkles and lines clears skin.
  • Firms and tones skin and muscles.
  • Reduces pore size.
  • Clears skin by moving lymph and toxins.
  • Encourage circulation, giving a healthy glow helps reduce puffy eyes.

Health benefits

  • Ear aches.
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding).
  • Facial paralysis and bells palsy.
  • Sinus congestion and hay fever.
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Fades and softens scar tissue.


1 session £40 or buy a bundle of 3 for £95


Can cupping help with caesarean scars?

Yes it relaxes the scars and reduces puckering.

How soon after scarring has occurred, can I have this treatment?

Between 6 weeks and 6 months depending on the nature of the scar.

Will I have circular bruising?

No these are soft silicone cups.

Ear Candling in Norfolk

Ear Candling

Ear candling also known as thermo-auricular therapy is a traditional holistic therapy used to treat various ear, nose and throat conditions.

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  • Releases pressure around sinuses
  • Reduces puffy eyes
  • Clears blocked ears
  • Normalises pressure after a flight
  • Lifts headache and migraine
  • Eases tinnitus
  • Sooths irritated ears

A hollow candle is placed in the ear. As the candle burns the warmth begins to soften any build up in the ear and creates a gentle suction, drawing and rebalancing. The treatment is completed with a massage around the ears and sinuses, to facilitate movement of lymph and toxins.


£45 per treatment


What is the ear candle made of?

Linen dipped in bees wax.

Is there any time you would not use an ear candle?

Yes if the ear dum is perforated or there is an active infection.

Shamanic healing in Norfolk

Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing is a spiritual practice that involves the use of various tools such as feathers, smoke, and stones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

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This form of healing, much like reiki and spiritual healing, does not require physical touch. Dis-ease can be sensed in the energy and emotional bodies before signs of illness manifest in the physical body.


Healing sessions £45


Is it the same as Reiki?

Similar in that both access universal healing.

If you are not touching me, will I feel it?

Most people do experience different sensations and deep relaxation.

Starmaidens Circle

Starmaidens Circle

The medicine wheel of the star maidens circle gives us a framework to explore areas in our lives where we may be stuck, and what consciously or unconsciously holds us there.

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It shows us our own shadow and light and helps us gain insight into ourselves.
In the shadow, the circle of our egoic selves or circle of foxes shows how we can chase our own tails and create a mire of our own making.

In the light, the circle of our authentic selves or dance of the wolves shows us how to seize the chance to shift our consciousness and take responsibility for ourselves. To see our inner beauty and strengths.

A medicine circle is created for you, to work with your own personal psychological landscape. You will be asked to come with a question, as a starting point for your journey.

Then we work twice around the eight directions of the circle. Dip your toes in the water or delve deep. Its up to you. You will be held safely through out your journey.


A session is £105


How long is a session?

It depends, about 1 hour.

Shamanic drum journeys

Shamanic drum journeys

The rhythmic sound of the drum stills the monkey mind. And allows you to be guided to other realms, non ordinary realities, to meet your spirit guides and receive their wisdom .

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The shamanic view is there are three worlds. The lower world, where we journey to meet animal guides, plant spirits and the elementals. A place of vibrant nature. The middle world, where we live. From here we can practice remote viewing and travel forward and backwards in time. The upper world, an ethereal place where ascended masters, ancestors and mythical beings reside, all cultures throughout history have used the drum to induce an altered state to facilitate journeying.

Cost – £45


Could I get stuck somewhere else?

No I guide you back and make sure you are fully grounded back in your body.

Can you have more than one guide?

Yes and they will all bring a different wisdom. take time to get to know and build a relationship with each one.

Yoni steaming in norfolk

Yoni Steaming

I provide Yoni steaming in my Wombon wellness studio in North Norfolk. I also give guidance and support if you would like to V steam at home.

Visit full information and FAQs for my Yoni Steaming treatments.

How to book a treatment

Please contact me if you are interested in booking any of my holistic treatments or have any other questions.  I look forward to working with you to help enhance your reproductive health and overall wellbeing.