Yoni Steam Treatments

I provide vaginal steams in my safe and welcoming wellness studio in Norfolk where your modesty is always preserved. My Yoni steam treatments help to improve various conditions, foster recovery and revitalisation for your reproductive health.  I utilise all my organic and chemical-free herbs, to ensure optimal results for my valued clients.

“Improve your flow, improve your life”

What can Yoni Steaming help?

A Yoni steam can help you:

  • Resolve cramping and PMS
  • Regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Maintain tone and vitality during and post menopause
  • Speed up your postpartum healing
  • Soften and dissolve uncomfortable scar tissue
  • Prepare your womb for pregnancy
  • Ensure a thorough monthly cleanse (no more brown blood)

How does a Yoni Steam work?

Your deeply relaxing and nurturing v steam treatment begins with a detailed consultation enabling me to select the most beneficial herbal formula for your needs.  Then an abdominal womb massage which brings attention, energy and circulation to the pelvic bowl. Following the massage a castor oil and clay back is applied to your lower belly breaking up, dispersing and detoxing. Some energy healing may be used at this time. Finally  you will be given a gown to put on and be invited to take a seat on the yoni steam box.

Contra Indiciations

  • Must not be done during pregnancy – The cervix must stay tightly closed to ensure a healthy pregnancy
  • Must not be done during menstruation – Depending on your reasons for having the treatment different stages of your cycle may be recommended but never while you are bleeding, that includes postpartum.
  • Genital piercings must be removed
  • Wait 48 hrs after shaving or waxing

Yoni Steaming reviews

I have peace in my heart rather than grief

I didn’t know what to expect but having been recommended to have womb healing after my separation I can honestly say I feel so much better within a matter of weeks. I have peace in my heart rather than grief. Thank you Tuesday, you are a shining light of calm which absorbed into my soul and has brought me so much stillness in the chaos my life has been recently.
– Florrie L

There’s sincerity in her approach

Tuesday guides you through the yoni healing experience with care and attention. She has a wealth of wisdom and this helps to ground me during the practice. She also empowers me to extend the practice at home and offers advice that is easy to follow. She really holds you through any challenges and there’s sincerity in her approach to support women to prioritise themselves once again.

Thank you for all you do Tuesday.

– M Patel

So far I've seen a huge improvement

So, today I come off my period, the first time since my yoni steam! I knew it was coming but for once it wasn’t because of the pain! I’m usually cripped with pain and clawing at my bed, unable to get up, but today I was fine, just a tiny ache!

Usually I also won’t eat during my period but today, not only have I been able to get up and go about my day but I’ve also cooked and eaten 4 (hot!) meals. I’m less snappy than usual and the flow is much lighter and brighter!

I’m super happy to of met you and recommended you to lots of my friends and I’ll continue to do so. Thank you so much!!! xxx – Chrissy

My Yoni Steam worked wonders!

As I’m now on the impant, my menstrual cycles were not regular but now they are and the colour of my menstrual blood is as it should be. The yoni steam is relaxing, I didn’t want to come off the stool. Tuesday is a caring and calm person who goes step by step. Explaining how to get the most from your v-steam, like breathing the proper way for the steam. 100% recommend, great service Tuesday. – Anastasia

I had a wonderful treatment

Tuesday has a kind, calm and very professional attitude. I felt safe and at ease. It was a really relaxing treatment. I had the clay and the castor oil pack and the abdominal massage as well as the herbal yoni steam. I was interested to know the many benefits of vaginal steaming. – Mags

I had an amazing treatment last week

Tuesday holds a welcome and safe place as a person. I immediately felt relaxed in her presence. Tuesday talked through each step and herb she used for the treatment. She matched the herbs with what I needed. I aslo purchased some eggs to help with my pelvic floor. Tuesday kindly took the time to explain property what pelvic floor exercises are (something that has never been explained correctly to me after children). I would highly recommend a visit and look forward to returning. – Leigh

I used the moving herbs blend when I felt my bartholin cyst swelling

Usually nothing stops it once it’s blocked but I steamed threee days in a row and on the thrid day, the cyst was gone without a trace. I cannot recommend yoni steaming enough, especially as usually results in a hospital visit for a drainage. – Megan

Yoni Steaming FAQs

What conditions is Yoni Steaming suitable for?

A V steam can help with various conditions including: 

  • Fibroids
  • Polycystic Ovaries
  • Prolapse
  • Endometriosis
  • Painful Periods
  • Scant or Irregular Periods
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Infertility
  • Heavy Periods
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Vaginosis
  • Recurring Thrush

Will I burn myself ?

No, the steam should not be that hot, it’s more a warm vapour.

Will it cause an infection?

No, all plants have their own immune system to protect themselves, we are tapping into that for our own benefit.

Can I steam while menstruating?

No, this could increase the volume of your bleed.


A detailed consultation (which you can book here for £45)to establish your correct herbal formula is preferable, without a consultation a gentle universal formula will be used.


  • Basic 40mins – £40
  • Full treatment including abdominal massage and clay wrap up to 2hrs – £90

How to book

I provide Yoni steams at my Wombon Wellness Studio in Melton Constable in North Norfolk. You can find my opening hours and location on my contact page. To book a Yoni Steam Treatment you will need to book a virtual consultation first.  If you have any other questions prior to booking please contact me.