Moving Herb Mix

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A blend of 7 organic herbs including Yarrow, Motherwort and Raspberry leaf. The moving and drawing qualities of this elevating blend, are beneficial to anyone suffering from stagnating energy of the reproductive system, dark clotty blood, fibroids or cysts. This blend will bring you back to balance, supporting you to release patterns that hold you back
£12.00 + £3:20 p&p delivery 5 working days



  • You will get 3/4 steams from 1 packet of herbs
  • All the herbs will work for menstrual cramps and general relaxation for self care.
  • If you are on blood thinning medication, contact me
  • Do not steam if you are pregnant, are menstruating or have an IUD fitted

1 review for Moving Herb Mix

  1. Meagan

    Steaming with this blend for three days in a row as soon as I feel my bartholin gland blocking is the only thing that works to drain my chronic cysts. Having tried various surgeries and medications before, I’m so glad to have found this.

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